Historical Evidence of Ramayana in Sri Lanka

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As the title explains, this documentary video focuses on showcasing various evidences of Ramayana in Sri Lanka. The documentary video starts with narration of excerpt of the story written in Ramayana. Then it continues adding several evidences one by one in a very clear and concise manner.

As per the Hindu religious text Ramayana, Sri Lanka, also referred as the kingdom of gold, was ruled by a great Brahmin king Ravana. Ravana, the villain of Ramayana, is regarded as a very knowledgeable, powerful and mighty ruler. Ravana was a great scholar, maestro of Veena and inventor of the game Chess.

Ravana kidnaps Sita, wife of king Rama, and brings her to the Ashok vatika in Lanka. In search of Sita, Hanuman, a devotee of Rama, comes to Lanka and finds Sita. After Hanuman’s return from Lanka, Rama calls Ravana for battle which is ultimately won by Rama.

Indian historians claim Ramayana to be around 5000 years old. Even after these many years, there are several evidences of Ramayana in Sri Lanka about the great Lanka kingdom and various places mentioned in Ramayana. One of the greatest such evidence is the Ramsetu (or Adam’s bridge).

The fifty minutes documentary on evidences of Ramayana in Sri Lanka has gathered a lot of information that are rarely known. In addition to showcasing various places mentioned in Ramayana, the short film also showcases a few other ancient spots such as the underground manmade tunnels, claimed Ravana’s mummy cave etc. Though a bombardment of facts without actual travel, discussion or hosting may seem a bit outpaced, it is a nice one time watch.

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