Imported from India – IIT Graduates in America

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Imported from India is a small documentary about the Indian talent imported and utilized by the whole world and especially by United States of America.

After an extremely stiff competition with less than 2% success rate, more than 3000 Indian students make to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). The number has now grown, thanks to the creation of various new IITs but the prestige continues.

Jawaharlal Neshru, the first prime minister of India, started IIT with its first branch in West Bengal named as IIT Kharagpur. His vision of having the IITs was to supply the India’s demand of high quality engineers and specialist in various areas. Part of the program, government subsidizes the education cost and avails best in class, at least in India, educational infrastructure. However, after the studies most of the students move out of the country in search of better opportunity. The masses settle around the world while majority settle down in USA:

In today’s American world, most of the businessmen, high position employees and majority of the silicon valley entrepreneurs are from India and especially from IITs. Though some pose concerns about this brain drain from India, there are various arguments supporting the fact of various direct and indirect benefits these Indians bring back to the country.

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