Jesus in India- Did Jesus Die?

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Jesus in India is the documentary film created to understand the much acclaimed mystery- Did Jesus die? Jesus, the most revolutionary Jews, has billions of followers who consider him as Son of God. The father of Christianity, Jesus, is believed to have undergone crucifixion and resurrection.

On one side where most believe this story, there are people who have challenged the theory and have shown some evidences to support that probably Jesus did not die or did not undergo resurrection. Instead they claim that Jesus survived the crucifixion and escaped to live the secret life in southern France. There are some who are even convinced that Jesus moved to India and later died in Kashmir at the age of 80.

History shows that not just the 21st century ideologists are coming up with these claims but the similar claims were made several times over thousand years. People in past might not have claimed about Jesus living in France of India but they certainly did oppose the idea of resurrection. This was against the ideology churches wanted to convey, resulting in many against churches, losing their lives.

So, what are the claims and how can these people be sure about Jesus survival of the crucifixion, the process that everyone agrees to have taken place. In this documentary, BBC team talks to different experts and digs into detail of Jesus’ survival and possible escape to India.

Some experts have chosen the middle path on the topic of resurrection. They consider that since the time period of Jesus hanging on the cross was shorter than the normal time it would take for a human to die, though he was claimed to be dead, he was clinically alive. The tomb where Jesus was kept after crucifixion contained herbs that helped Jesus survive. This term in modern days can be called as resuscitation instead of resurrection.

The believers claim that Jesus was taken to India by Buddhist monks with a claim that Jesus was reincarnation of Buddha (the Lamma), when Jesus was 14 and later after his studies, Jesus moved back to Israel at the age of 29. Surprisingly, there is no record of Jesus which tempts readers to accept this notion.  Lots of similarities between teachings of Jesus and Buddhist ideologies make this argument even stronger.

There is a grave site in Kashmir from around 1st CE that locals believe to be of the lord Isa (Jesus). Since the grave site is shared with a Muslim leader who died in 15th CE, excavation cannot be performed at the holy place to find the truth. But at least, the foot print available at the sight shows the scars that could have occurred if a single nail would have driven through both feet one above another, perfectly matching the crucifixion method.

Whatever be the case, every follower of Christianity believes that Jesus was the son of god. What really matters is that he showed the ultimate truth of life and the way of living to billions and his teachings will continue doing so in the future.

Watch the documentary on the mystery- Jesus in India