Man eating tigers of the Sunderbans

Man eating tigers of Sunderbans is a documentary film on the rare Indian Bengal tigers. A few of them have developed taste for human flesh. This is a rare phenomenon as the tigers at other places in world are rarely heard of eating humans.

Sunderbans forest is one of the largest forests in India spread over boarder areas of India and Bangladesh. Sundarban forest covers the delta area and is home of several species including the man-eater big cats, the Bengal tigers.

There are several villages near the dense forest making the villagers the easier targets for the man eater tigers. There is one case reported to Adam about a casualty due to a man-eater. Adam works with his colleague to train some street dogs so that the dogs can be used to stand against the man eating tiger.

Will these dogs be able to keep up the expectation and can prove success to Adam’s plan?

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