Mumbai Terminal 2 Construction

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The mega structure series of Build IT Bigger presents the construction of massive T2 terminal built on the existing Mumbai International Airport also known as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Mumbai, the densest city in the world, is home to around 20 million people and is the size of just three quarters of New York city. The city is having one of the highest influx of migrants from across various places of India and is growing very fast. Even the Mumbai International Airport is one of the busiest Airports in the world. Every year around 45 million passengers use this airport.

Construction of the new terminal was on top of the existing airport that was still running while the project for its expansion was underway. It was a unique and tremendous challenge that the engineers took to expand the terminal that can accommodate the current and the future Airport demands.

There are several marvels and state of the art engineering techniques applied to achieve such a wonder that Mr. Amitabh Bachchan narrated  ‘Where dream0020takes flight’. Do you ever wonder about the umbrella shape of the large columns of the airport? It is not just a design, it is also an engineering marvel to optimize the number of columns and allow more space for passengers. The design reduced the requirement of number of columns from 60 to 30. These thirty columns support the seventeen acres of rooftop allowing passengers complete checking, security, immigration and boarding.

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