Secrets of King Cobra

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Secrets of King Cobra is the documentary about the Cobra snakes found in south east asia. The highest density resides in the western ghats of India.

The king Cobra, one of the most ancient snakes, can grow upto around five and a half meters in length and is among world’s deadliest animals.  The king Cobra can live upto 30 years of age and never stops growing. To accommodate this growth, the king must change its skin four to five times a year. It may take around a week to be free from old skin.

In this documentary the scientists plant tracker in the Cobra and then follow the Cobra in deep forest to understand the secrets of King Cobra. With a male and a female cobra, the scientists want to learn behavior and nature of the king Cobra.

The research provides info about eating, mating, and territorial ownerships just like the lions. The facts shown in this film will blow your mind.

Watch the full documentary on Secrets of King Cobra