Spiritual Reality- Power of Meditation (Eng/Hindi)

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Meditation, a fairly known but rarely understood phenomenon, is centuries old technique. The term Meditation refers to a broad variety of practices designed to relax body and mind and increase concentration. There are many ancient Indian texts talking about various methods of meditation and about several people who had mastered it.

The term meditation is a latin abbreviation of original name dhyāna from Hinduism. Dhyāna comes from Sanskrit word dhyai. Meditation and its technique spread across the world with the spread of Buddhism. It is the power of Meditation that it can now be seen as an integral part of most of the religions, adopted in various forms.

This documentary talks about meditation via focus over breathing, the most common and widely accepted method. In this video, the author showcases a spiritual journey of meditation. The journey, that starts with basics of meditation method, followed by advanced methods and meditation benefits. Finally the video showcases the spiritual aspects of life, death and after death phenomenon and effects of meditation during the spiritual journey of the soul.

Though a mix of scientific and spiritual aspects, it is expected that you do not need to think or question the meditation. Just be with it. One side where not everyone may agree with the spiritual stuffs discussed, initial half of the documentary is really helpful in both scientific and spiritual aspects. It is claimed that daily practice of this ancient meditation method increases the concentration and relieves one from the stress.

There is a famous Buddhist quote:

   You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy;then you should sit for an hour.

(More nice quotes around meditation can be found  here).

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