Documentary Submission Tips

Selecting a video:

–          Select a video that is of good quality so that others can enjoy watching it. A video of poor print or bad sound quality can be regarded as less attractive documentary submission as viewers may not be able to enjoy them.

–          If you have your own video, you can upload it on youtube and then you can share the link with us.

–          In general, youtube videos that are added as free to watch, can be linked in our website. However, please keep a note of the copyright. If stated on the video, you may have to get clearance from the owner of the video.

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Choosing the title:

–          Ensure that your title contains the word or the phrase that you want to focus in the content.

–          The same should be the focus of the video you are attaching.

–          Try to keep the title length between 40 and 60 characters (though not mandatory).

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Content Writing:

–          Ensure that you are adding the focus word/phrase in the content and discuss it. Multiple occurrences are considered good. Mind that multiple occurrences do not compromise the write-up.

–          If you have some external sites related to content, please add links in the content area. You should also add links explaining the uncommon words. Wikipedia links are quite useful in such cases.

–          Keep your sentences short. Wordy and long sentences can be difficult to read.

–          Preferred content size is between 200 and 400 characters.

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Adding image to the content:

–          You can to upload a minimum of one and a maximum of two images.

–          At least one image is mandatory to upload. This image will be added as featured image.

–          You should select the featured image very carefully. This image should portray the documentary.

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Content Editor How-to:

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