You call it documentary, we call it knowledge!

Have a documentary OR have you seen a documentary on a public forum that does not exist on BharatChitra? If so, this is the perfect place for you to share it. You can share documentary films, lectures or movies that depict India. Remember, every form of knowledge is worth sharing!


We appreciate your support in contributing to our forum. As a small recognition, we add your name as content author. Once reviewed and published, our team will notify you. You will then be able publicly share the content via various available media.


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In general, many public forums such as youtube, daily motion etc. contain videos that can be shared. In case of exception, it will be explicitly mentioned. In such cases, you may have to get permission from the owner of the website/ video.

Please note that we do not host any video. So, in case you have a video that you own but not shared, we encourage you to upload it on youtube and then add the link in following submission form.

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